Fee Payment Rules

1. Initial payment at the time of admission is to be made in cash.
2. Apay-in-slip booklet is issued for depositing the fees in the bank.
3. Fee once paid is not refundable.
4. Parents are advised to follow the schedule of the payment of fees.
5. The parents are requested to deposit the fee well in time. In case if the fee is not deposited in time, fine will be charged.
6. Parents must preserve their copies of the fee receipt as proof of payment, since these may have to be produced in case of any dispute.
7. Fee is payable quarterly as per the schedule given below :

  • 1st Quarter 1 April to 15 April
  • 2nd Quarter 1 July to 15 July
  • 3rd Quarter 1 October to 15 October
  • 4th Quarter 1 January to 15 January

Please note that no invoice or reminder will be issued with respect to fee deposit dates.